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Friday, 3 October 2008

Springer Spaniel Portrait from Photo, Mickey

At long last I am able to upload some images to my computer, it has taken a lot of patience on my part to sort this out, not being trained in computers I have to learn by trial and error, luckily this time things paid off.

This is my second portrait of Mickey in this pose due to my damaging the original, I began by putting down layers in a brown shade to give myself an idea of where everything should be (see above), I also had began work on Mickey's head at this point, so far I had only used about three colours on his head but more are added as the stages progress.

Due the ease of use pencils provide I can work virtually anywhere on the portrait due to no drying times being required so when I get bored with one area I simply move to a new one. Above I began to add the grass, I wanted to put in blades of grass against Mickey's leg to make it look more realistic as it would be impossible to add green over the brown fur at later stages.
I then began working down Mickey's back, as I have said before Mickey is very shiny so I had to ensure I left his highlights very pale in comparison with his main colouring.

Here again I added some more grass, working around Mickey's legs and body, I also added several layers of a darker brown in some areas, then I returned to the highlighted areas to burnish to give Mickey's coat it's real glossiness.

I've now completed Mickey's tail and back leg and added grass all around to give a more 3d effect. I will go back to add clumps of grass and sign the portrait and possibly add a little more grass, I will need to walk away from the portrait for a while before I decide.

After a second look at Mickey's picture and after speaking to his owners I decided to add more grass, it has turned out to have provided more contrast against Mickey's white tummy and also makes the ground look flatter. Plus if you look closely at all of the images above you can see I have taken Mickey's final image at a different time of day as the colours a little blander, what a difference it makes.

I have received the following comments from Mickey owners, they were very pleased with the portrait....

"Hi Karie

Just to confirm the portrait was delivered by 09:00am this morning, well what can we say "Its brilliant " its like Mickey is here with us , the only question I do have is that the portrait is not signed by you, if any you deserve the credit for such a fantastic piece of art.

By having your signature on the portrait will only encourage friends and family to follow suit when they wish to have a portrait of their pet done, you are a very talented artist who will thrive.

Once again we are very pleased with your work.

All the best

Terry & Lorraine"

Mickey's portrait is in fact signed in amongst the grass, but it so very motivating and reassuring when a customer is more than happy with a portrait. Thanks Terry and Lorraine for your kind words.

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