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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Life in general

Snow drops in Dymock woods

Willow at work with Barney the labrador

Well I have neglected my blog, my artwork and my website lately but I'm afraid life in general has gotten in the way. It's breeding time for all of the fowls and we have been busy moving them about to ensure pure breeds and it#s a job which still isn't finished. We've had to lay all the nest boxes with straw and pair up all the loose birds so that we can produce as many eggs as possible.
We've also sourced another 50 odd rescue chickens, we will be collecting these early next month from the same farm as last year as the ones we have had for the past year are laying like it's going out of fashion!
I've also been doing lots of dog training with Willow. She is quite well behaved but is a little wary of strangers and does become a little aloof when they approach. She is a bundle of fun with people she knows well but is almost anti social when strangers try to pet her. So far we've had great success with stopping her barking at passers by our gate and walkers in the wood and she will just sit and let them pass although she does grump under her breath a little, in contrast to a few weeks ago when she would race up to them barking this is an amazing step forward hopefully we will also sort the fact that strangers are also good to give a cuddle too!
I've also replanted both of my mammoth fish tanks, this does cause me immense problems as they are both so deep I have to put my entire arm in up to my shoulder to reach the bottom so I got a bit wet and wrinkly aquascaping!
I've received a few commissions now and will be cracking the whip with these soon and I need to figure out the best course of action now blogger will not allow ftp publishing after May. It took some head scratching and mind boggling for me to figure out how to set up my blog on my website but now they are taking this feature away (why offer it in the first place then?) so I need to decide between going back to a blogspot address or learning wordpress. I'm very annoyed with blogger so I should go to wordpress and make a stand but with a full time job plus a small holding and part time art work to contend with I'm just not sure I will have the time. Once I make my descision I'll post it so everyone will know where I disappear to!
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Art with Liz said...

Glad you're still there and Spring is definitely on the way! Lovely pics Karie-Ann

Sally McLean said...

Karie I love your snow leapord it is a shame you have to put it aside. What is ftp publishing?

Crystal Cook said...

Yay with the success about your doggy! I'm going through some training of our own with our 6 month old puppy. She loves everyone but for some reason is very wary of men. Good luck with all of your busyness, and I look forward to seeing some more of your work, I've missed it!

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