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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Dog Portraits, Willow, Gypsy and Zac

I'm surprised by how much work Willow's dog portrait is turning out to be, I'm not sure if it's because she has black fur or if it just is fiddly, either way I seem to be getting nowhere fast!

As it really is coming to the end of the summer (what summer) we decided to sort out the top end of the garden where the pheasant pens are, it had become quite overgrown as most of the pens have trees in for perches and privet for protection for the birds, we also mowed a few pathways through and it now looks like a secret garden. I was of course accompanied on my photography tour by my faithful assistant Willow, she really was not meant to feature at all today but she always managed to get in on the shot, what a lime light hogger she is!

And here is our golden pheasant, this was one which we bred ourselves, it takes two years for their colouring to come out in full and this time last year he was a dull brown colour, a bit of an ugly duckling he was but now he's a bit of a beauty.

Cyril the squirrel's latest news....

Cyril briefly escaped, I thought he had climbed onto my shoulders and gone into my hood, however when I looked around to recapture him I found him half way up the curtain making for the ceiling! He's also now starting to eat pine nuts so will hopefully be on solid food before long, he's growing up so fast now!

I've also got news of the shows I will be attending which are

Newent Onion Fayre on 12th September 2009

Speech House Dog Show 13th September 2009

Worcester Race Course Dog Show 20th September 2009

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Wendy Mould said...

I am very interested in seeing the group picture finished as that is always a challenge to integrate three separate pictures. One thing I was studying very carefully is your eyes. I always seem to have such a time getting my highlights in a good position. Yours look great for all the dogs.
I enjoyed your other pictures as well, your pheasant is quite a birds.

Teresa said...

Your painting is coming along wonderfully!

Never heard of or seen a Golden Pheasant before...what beautiful colors and such elegant tail feathers.

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