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Monday, 6 December 2010

Dog Portraits, Zelah

I'm never quite sure which order I should post pictures in, should it be in the order they were taken or the completed portrait first? Unfortunately I managed to lose some blackness with the flash but you get the idea. Anyway, I spent many hours wokring on Zelah's dog portrait and you can see an extra stage below.
Oddly I seemed to be working in a spiral, I began with the eye area then worked around leaving an ear until last, very odd, I tend to flit around and I seemed to flit all over the place with this portrait!

And just so you can see our version of musical dog beds going on, Stan and Willow have now both abandoned the sofa (yes they have a three seater sofa of their own) and both are trying to stake a claim on the new dog bed I bought.
So Stan won the first round.....

And Willow is waiting in the wings for him to forget she's there ...

So she can sneak on too... and then they both wander off and our little terrier dives in, are they like children and have to have something the other has or do I need to buy another bed?!?

Willow is currently at the vets after an operation, Stan and I waited patiently by the phone for the vet to report on how she was doing, unfortunately she isn't too well so has to stay there for a while.
Stan and I decided to go for a walk to stop ourselves worrying about her and we found it a tad cold!
Look at the frost on the trees! I've never seen a whole wood frozen before.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Dog Portraits, Zelah

This is the beginnning of Zelah's portrait, which will be winging it's way to Canada in the very near future.
And all I can say is...what a lot of fur! Talk about fur coats, but Zelah's coat is fabulous. Bet it's nice to bury your feet in on a cold winter's evening!


And just so you can see how Stan is doing, everyday we brave it out in the cold and snow. (the dogs relentlessly nag me and I just can't cope with the constant hassle so I always give in, once I'm up and running I always enjoy the walk as much as the dogs do anyway!) This is up in our neck of the woods quite literally, most of the snow has melted, we did have a bit of a covering at one point but it's now turning to sheet ice on the lane as it melts and then refreezes each night. Our trusty 4x4 has taken a hammering and infact has had quite a few skids and slides so it's no wonder our postman has been nowhere near us for quite some time!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Cat Portraits, Frank

This is Frank's cat portrait framed and almost ready for packing.

I've spent most of the day framing and packing, a time consuming job which yields no gain but must be done and properly to ensure no damages occur in transit.
It is a job I really don't enjoy but oddly when everything is packed up and sat on my shelf ready for posting I do feel I have worked pretty hard at all of these portraits. Thankfully I've got them done in plenty of time for Christmas, I do have a couple more Christmas portraits which will need to be posted but I've already made a start with Zelah's portrait and will be spending some more time on it this evening so should have something to post tomorrow.

We've also managed to get out and about a little today, buying more packaging materials plus a couple more mounts and frames for more portraits. All in all I've been quite busy but I did find time to take my dogs for a snowy adventure in the woods, slippy and cold would be understatements, and poor Zac keeps getting little snowballs attached to the fur between his toes so we have to have a few pitstops on the way around to relief him of these, he starts to hoble about and then gives me his paws for de-icing! I soon get the message!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Dog Portraits

This is as much as I can show of this top secret dog portrait, although this will give you an idea of what I've been up to, keeping busy! We are suffering from the bad weather at the moment, our little lane is not driveable and several cars, 1 van and a truck have ended up in ditches and wrapped around tree stumps, thankfully no one has been hurt and thankfully none of these instances involved me. I have had to walk out through our local woods to get a lift to work, we are on the county boundary with one county salting the roads literally to a straight line of the boundary and the county I live in not doing any salting resulting in a stretch of about 1/2  mile of treacherous roads which I can avoid if I walk through the woods and get a lift. Our chickens are all warm thanks to more straw bales and it seems Stan is very keen on the snow and he is taking the opportunity to roll in it as often as possible.
News on Stan is he started bronze training classes on Monday, his class was first so I had to leave poor Willow in the truck until her class and then visa versa but both were very good and decided to leave the inside of my truck in one piece.
Stan was actually better than I thought he would be, training classes are very strange environments in reality and I thought he maybe a little stressed, instead he seemed to take it all in his stride and did quite well. As for Willow, as usual she gets quite excited by the whole thing and does her bits well but barks when the other dogs take their turn at returning to handlers as she thinks it's playtime, this week we had to stay outside to let everyone get on! Bad girl Willow!
Anyway, onwards and upwards as they say and I still have a list of portraits to complete so it's back to work for me.
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