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Monday, 6 December 2010

Dog Portraits, Zelah

I'm never quite sure which order I should post pictures in, should it be in the order they were taken or the completed portrait first? Unfortunately I managed to lose some blackness with the flash but you get the idea. Anyway, I spent many hours wokring on Zelah's dog portrait and you can see an extra stage below.
Oddly I seemed to be working in a spiral, I began with the eye area then worked around leaving an ear until last, very odd, I tend to flit around and I seemed to flit all over the place with this portrait!

And just so you can see our version of musical dog beds going on, Stan and Willow have now both abandoned the sofa (yes they have a three seater sofa of their own) and both are trying to stake a claim on the new dog bed I bought.
So Stan won the first round.....

And Willow is waiting in the wings for him to forget she's there ...

So she can sneak on too... and then they both wander off and our little terrier dives in, are they like children and have to have something the other has or do I need to buy another bed?!?

Willow is currently at the vets after an operation, Stan and I waited patiently by the phone for the vet to report on how she was doing, unfortunately she isn't too well so has to stay there for a while.
Stan and I decided to go for a walk to stop ourselves worrying about her and we found it a tad cold!
Look at the frost on the trees! I've never seen a whole wood frozen before.



Anonymous said...

Dogs are so funny I had the same with my two.....hope Willow gets better soon.

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