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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Animal Portraits, Jimmy

Sorry for the shine on the picture, it's evening and taken under a light bulb.
Just to show you how far I've managed to get with this, lots of work on the cushion to be done and the front paw most of which will end up in shadow anyway.
And I'm still liking this pastel paper with coloured pencils. I've found Derwent artists are not smooth enough for blending on this much tooth but the coloursoft pencils are doing a grand job. I've dug out my blending pencil and can't wait to start smudging the background I just have to be patient and get ALL of the colour down before I start to do this otherwise it could look a bit patchy.

We've been so busy out in the garden. The birds have had their pen moved and rebuilt (no mean task when it's bigger than a football pitch) and we are to collect a pair of silver pheasants in the near future to add to our collection just in time for the breeding season.
Next job is to rotovate the bottom orchard for the veg patch (we have two 42 foot polytunnels to go in) but thankfully the rotovators aren't in working order yet so I may get a few days reprieve! I do intend to take photos but I get dragged down the bottom garden and it's all go with no time to fetch the camera!



Studio at the Farm said...

Jimmy is looking good, but it doesn't sound like you'll have much time for art once the garden is started. But I find gardening, even heavy work, to feel almost as good as creating sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Love this one Karie,very different from the usual cats,dogs,horses,etc. Would love to know what sort of pastel paper you are using with the CPs ? Like you I am a novice when using pastels,hence they sit in my cupboard gathering dust, but CPs do work well on Pastel paper, I tend to use Canson on the smooth side. said...

Hi both, yes things are really busy here, but will get even more chaotic when spring arrives fully and everything starts laying, nesting and hatching! As for the paper Vic, it's Ingres and I'm using the smoother side which is still quite textured but it does take a lot of pencil.

Wendy Mould said...

Jimmy is coming along great. He is something a little different as well. When I read about all the garden things to do I don't know how you find time for your art. Don't work too hard. said...

Hi Wendy, it's great to do something a little unusual, even though Jimmy has fur it always seems a bit of challenge to try a new animal! Talking of working hard, my other half had a pound of flesh from me today, after working a full day he managed to persuade me to rebuild the goat shed!

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