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I am a part-time pet portrait and wildlife artist living in the deep dark forest between the Royal Forest of Dean, Herefordshire and the Welsh border. A beautiful and inspiring place to live and create pet portraits and wildlife art.
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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Dog Portrait of Springer Spaniel Mickey 2

I am now concentrating on Mickey the springer spaniel, so far I have used only 4 pencils to get this far, chocolate, burnt umber, bistre and terracotta. I will need to revisit and add lowlights as I progress to give more depth to the portrait but at present this will give the impression of shape and colouring in a basic form. There is a lot more work to do, especially on the ear, which is too light at the moment but it is easier to add darker colours as the portrait continues rather than try to add lighter colours.

springer spaniel in colour pencils Springers are my favourite breed of dog as I have my own and my Dad had a succession of them, each proved child friendly putting up with my dressing them up and sleeping on them, poor old Duke, a real kid's dog, was forever in hats and sunglasses but was my pillow when I was very small. He was a shooting dog but would happily play in the garden with our pet rabbit and me without incident for years.

I've also been looking at the voting so far for my Pencil Portraits from Photos Competition and things are really heating up, there's still some time to go before the voting ends so it's still all to fight for. The voting has brought a myriad of visitors to my site so I will definitely be running it again, if you have a favourite image, dig it out and get ready for the next competition. I think next time I will be a little more restrictive in the type of entries I would like and keep it to pets but also allow a longer entry time so more people can enter.

Anyway back on the farm... it's bathtime!!!
Above is Walter the abacot ranger drake (he has about 8 girlfriends) bathing ready for an afternoon's romance. He usually hides underneath a hedge and jumps out on passing ducks - and then abandons them, heartless he is.

One of our toulose geese having a bath above with a white campbell duck, these are such a gentle breed we have to make sure they aren't bullied by the other geese. We found this basin at a vintage tractor show, we think it may have been used to crush fruit (maybe grapes) and then the juice can be poured off via the spout you can see. If anyone knows what it really is please let me know!!

These are our rouen ducklings - haven't they grown! They are having their first proper bath, they spent about half an hour splashing about before they escaped.....

springer spaniel in colour pencils

...and went wandering, pausing to have a clean and tidy up of course

I have completed more of Mickey's dog portrait, I am not going to put this on my website as it is too close to the start point. I have added more depth to his ear and used white to bring out some highlights and shine.

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