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I am a part-time pet portrait and wildlife artist living in the deep dark forest between the Royal Forest of Dean, Herefordshire and the Welsh border. A beautiful and inspiring place to live and create pet portraits and wildlife art.
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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Pet Portrait Artist Competition

After much thought I've decided to hold another pet portrait competition after the success of the last one. Below you will see last year's winner, the lovely Charlie who received almost 1,500 votes! You can see Charlie's portrait created here. As my aim is to promote myself and add visitors to my blog and website I will be asking for you to return each day to vote, but this time after so many images arrived after the deadline I am offering more time to send your favourite pet photos in so everyone has an opportunity to take part.

So for your chance to win your own portrait get sorting out your favourite pet image, unfortunately only pet portraits are viable for this competition not people or wildlife and then most importantly tell anyone and everyone they must come back to vote for your special pet in January.


Entries must be received by 21 December 2009 - they should be emailed to, please include your name (this will not be seen by the public), the pet's name and a little bit of information about your pet to encourage visitors to vote for your pet!

The portrait will be of a single pet only (horses, dogs, cats, small pets, birds etc are all acceptable)

Only digital images are suitable and must be at least 250kb otherwise the detail will be too poor to use as a pet portrait, if an image is not clear enough it will not be entered into the competition.

Voting will take place from 1 Jan 2010 by way of a poll on my website and comments on my blog so to double your chances do both (only one vote per email address and google account each day will be accepted) although the finer details will be sorted out closer to the time that voting begins, but in any eventuality the winner will be chosen by the public and not by myself so everyone will have an equal chance of winning. The voting will run until 1 July 2010. Votes on the poll will be viewable instantly and I will update comments votes on a regular basis to ensure everything is above board and fair to all.

For the comments votes, each image will receive it's own posting and comments should be left on that particular post to count, simply state 'vote' at the beginning of the comment. Any voting comments left before 1 Jan 2010 will be deleted although other comments may be published, you must come back in January to vote.

The web poll will not appear until the new year for voting.

The pet will be portrayed as I see fit and will be from what is shown on the image, I cannot make your pet look younger or sit when it is standing - your image should show your pet as you wish it to be portrayed.

Any prize is non-transferable, you cannot upgrade, has no monetary value and is for a colour portrait of a single pet. The portrait will be mounted and sent to the winner by insured recorded delivery.

I reserve the right not to accept an image if I feel it is unsuitable

All accepted images will be posted on my blog/website for visitors to view and vote for.

You can enter up to 2 different images each to the pet portrait competition

All rules are final but are subject to change as the need arises, please feel free to ask any questions if the answer you are looking for is not already shown here.

If you like my work please take the time to leave me a comment or become a follower (see bottom of page). If you would like to win a pet portrait of your dog, cat, horse or any other pet please see my new competition. It costs nothing to enter, all you require is internet access.
If you are interested in commissioning me please visit my pet portrait artist website or my wildlife artist website
Thanks for visiting!


CastoCreations said...

Are we allowed to enter more than one pet??? I have four dogs, although only two are really nicely photogenic. :)

pencilportraits said...

Hi, yes you can enter two separate images per person as stated above, I have to set a limit otherwise I could be inundated, hopefully this will be okay for you and your two photogenic doggies!

Ruby said...

250mb? As in megabytes? That sounds a tad much... My brand new camera (8 megapixels) makes size 3264x2448 pictures, but they are still under 4mb (best quality jpeg)... Could you elaborate that bit, please? Thanks! :)

pencilportraits said...

Ruby you are absolutely right, it should read 250gb so I'll amend my post, thanks for pointing it out!

Marisol/ImgSensors said...

Great pencil art! And very nice competition but I'm even more confused by the 250gb. I can only associate gb with gigabytes. That's the superlative of mb's. Sort of the whole hard disk space of some computers. Do you maybe mean kb, kilobytes? Kb is the size images will be converted to when saved for web use (72 ppi).

pencilportraits said...

ooh I am getting myself into trouble with mb, gb and kb! Yes it should read kb so for the second time I'll update this post!!!!

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