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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Axe Man

This is some of what we got up to at work today, this tree was leaning precariously at Soudley Ponds and needed some chainsaw work to make it safe. Andrew 'the axeman' was on the saw to safely drop the tree between several others. And this is Soudley Ponds today, it is very quiet and is a SSSI area which means it is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and has to be protected, it could be for the wildlife or the trees, I think in this area it is because of the trees, some of them are huge and they look in very good condition.
And here is Willow, hard at work as usual! This will be the next area we will be working, still in the Bearse area but this overlooks a little place called Mork, it really is very pretty countryside
And this is one of the oddities of The Bearse, it has a stream containing tuffa rock, quite uncommon. Tuffa rock is used in reef fish tanks but this type is produced when the water flows through the rocks and leaves a residue to build up as tuffa.
And these are a few of the more touristy type photos taken by my sister, these are some swans with almost fully grown cygnets at Mallards Pike, one of the Forestry Commissions sites. These have faired very well and have stayed at Mallards for many months so perhaps the new generation will stay as well
And one of the pieces on the Forestry Commission's Sculpture Trail. This is a stained glass window hung in the trees.
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Sheila said...

Dang girl is that all your property?
When I first saw your title, I thought it was a new horror movie. Axe Man did a great job... just wished he would have yelled "Timber!"

pencilportraits said...

Hi Sheila, all this land belongs to the Crown estate, i.e. the Queen, the Forestry Commission just looks after it all for her, that's my job! As for 'timber', we all stayed well back, Willow was given a bone to occupy her and Andrew the Axe Man did a mighty fine job!

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