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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Terrier pet portrait

As promised, a couple of updates on Snoop. Again this is on drafting film (you know I love it) but this was a bit of a trial and so far I think it's working. Instead of the prismacolor collection (I only had a limited palette) and derwent artists I decided to try derwent coloursofts. Bearing in mind this was my formula on my first attempt with drafting film and the results were awful, this time however, it seems to be working. I think my previous failure was due to technique where I tried to blend the pencils which does not work on drafting film, this time however I used a multitude of tiny pencil strokes not blending but perhaps overlapping in some places thus restricting the amount of layers. Let me know what you think.
I still have to post an update on Brodie which I will do sometime very soon now I have a new sd card.

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Colette Theriault said...

Wow, he's looking fantastic already!! I always wanted to try drafting film...looks like you've definetely got the hang of it. Can't wait to see it finished.

Sheila said...

'like' your work.... I love your work! It's interesting how you start on one side of the face and work toward the other. I'm assuming you're left handed?

Kathleen Coy said...

Karie, I think the drafting film loves you right back! Absolutely brilliant work so far. The eye is fab!!!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Absolutely beautiful! Well done.

Dors said...

You must be very pleased with this Karie-Ann after you first failed attempt with the derwent pencils. This is coming along great. worth all the tiny strokes. I am looking forward to seeing this finished. I have bought some drafting film which I have never used before so I am looking forward to trying it out.

Krista Hasson said...

Wow! your work is outstanding, stunning and breathtaking!! other than that I am at a loss for words lol. Your blog is super.

DEB said...

Karie, I just bought some drafting film...inspired by you and by Karen Hull. I have been thinking and planning, but haven't used it yet. I'm so glad you mentioned that blending doesn't work well on it. I will have to try to avoid that. And I love my woodless pencils. I guess I'll try to stick to using the firmer leads.

Grahame Butler said...

Looking great already! interesting to hear what you say about drafting film, I've put my CP's away as I dont like Stonehenge paper, I wont get them out again until I find a drawing surface I can work on!

Sally McLean said...

Love the overlapping small pencil stroke technique. Snoop is going to be stunning.

Laure Ferlita said...

As usual, Karie-Ann you're off to a fabulous start!

pencilportraits said...

Wow, thanks so much to you all who have taken the time to leave me a comment about the lovely Snoop. In answer to a few questions and queries in amongst the comments:
Sheila, I am indeed left handed, it's a practice I started when doing graphite portraits so as to prevent smudging.
Kat, I love doing eyes now, I used to find them a bit difficult as if they were slightly off I would throw away a piece and start again, luckily I've learnt to start with the eye and take time with it.
Deb, I've seen Karen Hull's work too and she is simply amazing at drafting film, I just have to remember I'm still a learner and she has a lot more experience than I do, her work is beautiful. Yes, when you do try it out 'NO BLENDING!', it sorts itself out then!
Grahame, I can't believe you are leaving the CPs in a drawer, I thought your work was just outstanding in this medium, I know you are quite an expert with graphite though. I'm off to visit all of your blogs soon, I've much to learn from everyone else but thanks again for leaving me a comment, it really is appreciated.

Corinne said...

Hey Karie-Ann, you just followed me on Twitter (violet lake) and i'm so pleased you did. Your work is beautiful. I have never used drafting film but I do use heavy weight Archival tracing paper and find prismas do blend well on it - although to an point. I can't find drafting film in artshops around the UK :( but i'd love to try it. Snoop looks like he will be really excellent. The eye is really something x

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