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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Horse Portraits, Badger

Just on case anyone had thought I'd given up with my blog, I am still here! I've finished Arthur and Macey as far as I can but until I get a mount for them I'm not sure how far I need to continue the grass around their feet so I will update them as soon as possible. In the meantime, the next of my pet portraits and the first of three horse portraits I have to do is the lovely Badger, he is a small pony and much loved by his owner. Badger is quite a calm little fellow and just the right sort of pony for a little girl to own. This has taken about 5 hours so far and is on drafting film, so lots and lots of tiny tiny pencil strokes for the fur effect. I'm off to a dog show this weekend and want to be able to take Arthur and Macey completed with me as well as this one either on the drawing board or completed so I'd best get on!!!
As for Cyril.....
....he has now started to grow fur, a good sign I think, he's very very greedy and gets a bit erratic when it's feeding time and scrambles all over the place looking for the pipette, I'm usually covered in his dinner and he does get a bit sticky, it's become a bit of a routine now that he has to be wiped all over with baby wipes to clean him up, by that time he's had so much milk he's asleep so doesn't take any notice! He's such a messy little thing he has a change of water bottle covers and woolly hats to sleep in but that didn't stop him escaping his basket over night and my having to empty the entire contents of the airing cupboard to find him curled up in a tea towel. He's now in a cane wash basket to prevent any further incidents! I've also found a very local lady who worked for a wildlife rescue charity but now does it from home, so I'll be ringing her for advice because I think Cyril's eyes will open before long and no doubt choas will ensue at that point!
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Sally McLean said...

Wow! This horse is going to fantastic! I love the eye! And as fr te squirrel that is so cute! Hope he/she survives.

Teresa said...

The eye on this horse looks so real! Wow.

Glad to see that "Cyril the Squirrel" (perfect name for a critter character in a children's book) is progressing nicely (if messily!)

pencilportraits said...

Thanks Sally and Teresa, Cyril is doing remarkably well, not wishing to tempt fate but he really is growing at a rate of knots and will soon have a bushy tail. He does look a bit prettier now as he has a covering of fur thankfully.

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