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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Horse portraits, Badger

Well this is where I am so far, I've had a couple of days without a pc, the laptop with a broken screen , then the internet connection died, alas I was unable to post!!! I did get plenty of other things done, but I lost time today as I had to use the new router which was a pig to connect to and load and finally after what seems like a lifetime I now have two wireless pcs...hooray! I still need to add some darks to Badger, but on the whole he is completed, I also managed to order to custom mounts from the shop today, they may take a couple of weeks to arrive but as soon as I sort Arthur and Macey out I'll post them too. I've also started a big trio of dogs, but I can't post it as it's a surprise but as soon as I can I will, plus I still have two more horses and a few dogs to do which I can post so I'll try to start one of those too, just to keep you all interested. 
And here is the charming Cyril the squirrel, he's now three times as big as when we first found him, his eyes are still not open but he's a very loud little monster and very greedy too. At long last his fur is starting to thicken up, this photo was taken a couple of days ago and his tail is much thicker already.
And for anyone else who ever finds a baby squirrel, this is what you need to do....
Milk formula:
1/3 full fat cows milk
2/3 full fat goats milk (it's easier to digest apparantly)
2-3 drops of adibec (toddler vitamins)
1 teaspoon of live, natural yoghurt
Make up 150ml (1/4 pint) fresh each day
Warm about 10 - 15mls in a container over warm water and feed to the squirrel with a pipette or syringe (the syringe could prove a problem unless you are able to administer milk drop by drop as you could force too much into it's mouth and so into it's lungs which will kill little squirrel)
Feed 5 -7mls every two hours through the day, meaning about 8 or 9 feeds until about 8 weeks old when weaning begins, we've not got that far so I'll update when we get there!!!
Make sure fresh milk is made everyday.
For sleeping I used a soft bath towel wrapped around a water bottle for warmth, plus a thick woolly hat (I used a thinsulate as the little claws can get caught in a knitted hat)
Then to stop little Cyril escaping (he has already got out into the bottom of the airing cupboard after being in a basket) a pet carrier with small mesh at the door!
So much for one so small!!!
So far the milk, vitamin drops, yoghurt, travelling, new water bottle, washing squirrel bed clothes has cost nearly £30 so he's the most expensive nut cracker on the block!!!

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Sally McLean said...

Badger is another "WOW' drawing. Cyril is sooo cute and sonds like alot of work. I am amazed at how quickly he is developing. Karie how do you use the invite friends feature on Google freind connect?

Art by Lindy Darling said...

Karie, your Badger is fantastic, the patience with attention to detail you display is amazing...Cheers Lindy

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