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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Busy framing pet portraits and wildlife art

I have been busy I promise! I've had some advice about the major issues with my website (thank you so much Alex) and decided to follow her instructions therefore I have been working all weekend on my website - see the snippet above. I've added commission guides to help with the buying process plus I've added a section about myself for clients and visitors alike to get to know what happens behind the easel! You all know I have many many animals but I guess that's about all you know so as time goes by more and more will be added to this section. I've also had a tidy up and used the same template now for all the pages and at last it looks more consistent although I'm having major problems with my links though, they have all gone haywire so until this problem is fixed I cannot publish, otherwise visitors could get lost!

Aside from this we have had quite a busy weekend, yesterday we rescued two geese who had been destined for the Christmas dinner table, long winded story but they were fostered for a while by the most unlikely couple (one is a ranger and despatches animals as part of his job) but he and his girlfriend took a shine to them and allowed them to run around in their garden. We have named them Bonnie and Clyde as they have escaped for a life in the country! They were transported home in a large dog cage and we must have looked a little odd with these two geese flailing about on the back of our truck through the rural lanes! We safely deposited them in the big pen with the other 14 geese and I stood inside waiting for mayhem and fighting, geese always fight at this time of year because of breeding but the female is a little small so I thought she may need a bit of assistance, however, they all greeted each other and set about making goosey noises with just a minor bit of feather pulling so I was able to take the video below to show you how they got on. Bonnie and Clyde are the grey skull cap but mainly white gander and the small pure white goose who stayed by his side.

Also today was reasonably warm so I left all of my rabbits and guinea pigs out in their pens as I framed and stringed up portraits ready for my display which I will be putting up the week after next. I also checked on our geese and they are all very happily ignoring each other which is amazing.

Anyway as I was sorting out my website I came across this photo of Willow, this was during one of my visits before she came home with us, wasn't she tiny?!? Plus I'd forgotten how she stared at me everytime we went to visit and that was why I chose her, I almost changed my mind to a huge long fur sable dog but I stuck to my guns just because she had eyes only for me...

she's a heartbreaker, the problem is she has grown to an immense size and from what I can gather, she still has about 6 months of growing to do.... how much is that dog food?!?!

and still the eyes stare at me...
As for Charlie the cat, the portrait has progressed since the last update, she is now sat in a stone window, I say sat but she has not legs so the update would look very bizarre but I will take a shot very soon.

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Dors said...

Lovely story Keri-Ann. Oh she was definitely meant to be with you.

Looks like she's thinking...Please pick me.

Art with Liz said...

Willow was so cuuute as a baby! No wonder you picked her. Couldn't get the video of the geese to play - said it wasn't available. (Maybe the SA services are the problem!)

Gary Keimig said...

your pup? has really turned into a beautiful animal.
I really liked your cat portrait from several posts ago. Very nicely done.

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