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Friday, 8 January 2010

Wildlife Art news and more snowy pics!

You will be pleased to know the artwork is still underway, I've been working on the tiger wildlife art painting and it is taking shape however as per usual the lighting is pretty dismal so I have no update picture to offer, instead I have a few more pics of the local scenery which is still under cover of the thick and now frozen blanket of white snow. We have suffered another flurry this evening and depending on which channel's weather report you listen to, we are due more flurries tomorrow and a heavy fall on Sunday and Monday or just the Sunday/Monday version with Saturday being just freezing temperatures. We have now given up trying to second guess what happens with the predictions and just do what everyone else is probably doing, turning on the outside light and watching the snow fall! The two exits out are down very steep narrow lanes and anymore snow is just a nightmare waiting to happen. We've already found a car wrapped around a road sign at the bottom of the one way and we are quite reluctant to join the dented car/truck brigade anytime soon.
Anyway, as you can guess, dogs being dogs, just love the snow, Willow thinks every solid lump of snow is a ball to toss up and catch, Zac the spaniel loves to roll about in it and Gypsy, although suffering with the short leg syndrome and struggles in the deep drifts, will not leave our sides and stays out faithfully as we refill chicken water bowls until she is shaking with cold. We have tried to put her inside the house by the fire but she has smashed through the cat flap so many times now it's just not worth the effort!
We did actually make it into work today only to be told to go home, the main road was as bad as our track and I was very grateful to make it back in one piece.
So, here are the photos I promised, no doubt most other blogs from England, Wales and Scotland feature snowy pictures, but mine are mine and they belong on my blog!

This is the view from the side of our house. All of the fields belong to farmers and we could hear their trucks beeping as there was no other traffic whatsoever today.

A snowy tree in the woods behind my house

And the main track, for once it looks almost standard, but beneath the snow it's just forestry track! The tracks are from the tractor on the farm next door, and Gypsy did appreciate the tyre tracks to run in!

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Art with Liz said...

Oh my gosh Karie-Ann, you've taken me back to my trip to Sweden last Feb when it looked like this ALL THE TIME! My gosh but you must be cold - I'm sitting here in shorts and even felt a slight chill!

Love your tiger - his colours are beautiful.

Dors said...

Oh Karie-Ann I love the tiger you are doing. It's wonderful. I will be sitting waiting here for an update for sure.

Oh my it looks so cold over there. I called my Aunt last night to check she was OK. she ordered her food supply on line. and managed to get it before they got snowed in..
Hope it clears soon. I know it is below freezing there. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Keep Warm

Teresa said...

Beautiful snowy pics! This is one Brit ex pat longing for a good snow :-(

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