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I am a part-time pet portrait and wildlife artist living in the deep dark forest between the Royal Forest of Dean, Herefordshire and the Welsh border. A beautiful and inspiring place to live and create pet portraits and wildlife art.
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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Snow Leopard Wildlife Art

Remember this? I decided to dust off my snow leopard for an evening just as something to do as a change. I have actually put some foreground down but it's not too colourful so you will need to study hard to see it!!!

And as summer has finally arrived and our flowers are now starting to appear, I took some close up shots for a more seasonal long last!!!
This is our montana clematis, we have this all over the fence and I just love it, we planted a pale green clematis next to it and then a white one, they are all intermingled but flower one after another so the flowers seem to creep around the corner and the fragrance is lovely.

This is broom, this grows in the forest around here but after a million attempts at digging it up from the forest floor and replanting it in the garden, we had to buy some from a garden centre, it seems that once the root is disturbed it never grows again.

And one of our wild flower spots, we leave them scattered around the garden for bugs and flutterbys.

And finally back to the animal/bird section. These are our first chicks to hatch with their mummy. She is only tiny and seems to have adopted a few eggs from other hens so not all chicks quite match. She and her sister follow Ronnie around the tractor shed and cluck at him on a regular basis. He was very dismayed when she went missing but happy when she reappeared after a couple of days only to disappear again at bedtime. After a few more days search, we found her and her nest in amongst the tractor parts in the shed. We cordened her off so she wouldn't get found by the fox and once they had hatched we put them all safely into the pen until the little ones are big enough to wander around the garden as well.

And just incase you had forgotten what she looked like, here is dear Willow. She has had a major groom over the past few weeks and her fur has literally halved. We used to have many comments about her unusual curly coat but it seems my comb was simply gliding through her fur but after buying a brush and removing enough fur to fill a pillowcase, we realised she must have been a tad warm under that heavy blanket. She now looks sleek and shiny without any curly bits!!!!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Dog Portraits, Jet

Here is Jet's dog portrait completed. She is now to be mounted and delivered to her owners.

Plus we went on a day trip to Bristol Zoo. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I think the last time I went I was very small and it was better than I thought it would be, in fact I loved it. The photo above made me laugh, I think the lion was looking at his dinner, a nice little snack!

Alas, he had to go hungry and went to sleep instead!

They had a wonderful butterfly room, it took quite a while for my camera lens to stop steaming up for any photos, and I did take quite a few!

And I think this little chap would make a wonderful addition to my pets corner at home, these little prairie dogs were so busy tunneling and collecting that they were completely ignorant to the hundreds of screaming children who unfortunately turned up on the same day as us!

And just to help us feel at home they had an ornamental pheasant and rare bird section.
This one is an hawaiian peacock pheasant which is very similar to our grey peacock pheasant (obviously in grey rather than blue)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Dog Portraits, Jet

Jet is coming along quite nicely now. The speckledy fur colouring was fun to do and it was a challenge to get the colours just right. Apologies for the shine on the right hand side of the picture by the way.

Not much news on the animal front, we are still waiting for eggs to hatch before it becomes chaotic with chicks but the one major news flash is ....
If you remember, Cyril was my rescue squirrel who went to live with another rescue, Shizzle. Well just before Christmas, Cyril made a bid for freedom and disappeared. Now it seems there is a lone squirrel living very near the area where he escaped. This is not an area known for squirrels so we have our fingers crossed!
Shizzle, on the other hand is living the life of Riley in my chestnut tree. He has now managed to defend his tree from all invaders and has a large supply of corn from the chickens to tuck into.
Friday, 7 May 2010

Dog Portraits, Jet

I've made a little more progress with Jet's dog portrait. I'm quite pleased with the colour matching so far but I still need to add more layers almost everywhere!
Jet is 12 years old and was rescued at the age of 10 months so she has been a long term loyal companion to her owners.

And just a bit of wildlife we encountered yesterday, we found 2 sows with 8 humbug piglets near a very busy junction. They were on the whole very unconcerned with the traffic until they reached the edge of the road, luckily a car shot by at high speed and shunted them back into the woods.

And a few pictures from a lovely little area we were working near today, this is very near my house although it is really out of the way so I'd never been there before.

It's very pretty and there were bluebells, wood anemomies and wild garlic growing everywhere.

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