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Saturday, 18 July 2009

German Shepherd Pet Portrait

A couple more updates on the german shepherd pet portrait, this is Macey, an 8 year old bitch I am working on so far. I had intended to get further on with this today but other problems arose.
I have started work on the body in this next update of the pet portrait, so far I am using about 20 different colours to achieve the fur texture and there is no layering whatsoever, it does prove a bit of a challenge.
And finally... it is with real sadness that I have to report poor Pickle died today, it seems he suffered a stroke and came bounding out of his little igloo this morning all lop-sided. I can honestly say I am quite gutted as although he was tame, since his operation he had been a little spoilt and had come to live in the living room in a carry cage. As well as his excursions out into his pen in the garden he was allowed to sit on my lap every evening to watch tv and he would come out of his cage just to be with us so he did become something of a special pet. I feel a bit silly saying I'm more than a bit upset about a little guinea pig but he was, as are all the others, a rescue, he was originally called Snowflake and had been taken back to the shop and was desperately seeking a home at almost 1 year old, so you already know what happened next, as with all strays, he came to live with us a few years ago and really did have the life of guinea pig dreams. Anyway, I now have to decide whether or not to replace him or not to give another little piggy a good home, but it's far too soon to even think about that. Hilariously, all of our pets receive a full burial, little coffins and a stone in the garden (I think we put stones on them to remind us were they are as we have a big garden and it would be awful to dig them up or forget who was where!) So Pickle is going to join Pip, Squeak, Clover and Pixie in guinea pig heaven, I hope they get lots of dandelions!
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DEB said...

Looking so handsome!

Judy said...

Hi Karie, this isi looking great, I love German Shephards.

Sally McLean said...

Love your work on this German Shepard. I look forward to seeing how he develops. I am a great fan of Inspector Rex!!

Art with Liz said...

Oh I am so sad about Pickle! Doesn't matter that he was a guinea pig - he was his own personality! And all animals are precious.

Macey is looking fantastic - I find your animal portraits incredible.

Gillian McMurray said...

I'm sorry to hear about Pickle. But I am sure he will have lots of dandelions to eat in the next life. Whe my dog, Sam, died I gave him an 'ancient' burial - burying him with food, water, his toys, bed and blanket. If, like the Egyptians believed, he would need these things in the next life I wanted to make sure he had them - LOL. It made me feel better at the time.

Kathleen Coy said...

It's gorgeous Karie, I really like the pose too.
And I'm sorry to hear about Pickle.

Anonymous said...

It is truly amazing that you get such a realistic effect from pencils!!! I have a GSD rescue who comes everywhere with us. We love her to bits. I am sorry to hear about Pickle - all our animals leave a sad loss in our memories but there are plenty more that need homes.

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