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I am a part-time pet portrait and wildlife artist living in the deep dark forest between the Royal Forest of Dean, Herefordshire and the Welsh border. A beautiful and inspiring place to live and create pet portraits and wildlife art.
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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

If you go down in the woods today....

At last I have had a close encounter with some boar, I say at last because it did turn out to be a bit of a relief! We met 12 piglets and 2 sows and at a guess the sows were last year's young as they were large dog sized, probably about 80lbs whereas the large boar are probably 3 times as heavy as that! The sows spotted us and started to trot off up into the woods and the little ones shot off like bats out of hell, they can hurdle and charge along faster than any other animal I've seen in the wood including deer! They must have had turbo engines! Willow was quite interested so I put her on a lead but this did prove very problematic as she kept going around the wrong side of the trees and we got a bit tangled up so I had to let her off again, luckily she was good and did not venture off sniffing so all is well in boarland! This one above is a Forest of Dean boar and the photo was taken by our previous wildlife ranger who has now moved to Lincoln but he kindly let me use it, I really am not sure I could have captured the troop on camera as for one thing they were so fast but for another I was too busy making sure Willow didn't give chase. Imagine meeting one of these in the dark!! No thank you!
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Sheila said...

Yikes! You are a brave one Karie-Ann! The city I used to work in had problems with these strong and intimidating critters. These seem more peaceful. How are Treacle and Pickle?

Kathleen Coy said...

Yes that would be something to see, but I wouldn't want to meet up with one of those fellows in the dark either, lol.

pencilportraits said...

Hi Sheila, believe me I was not brave, I stayed well away! As for Treacle and Pickle, both are ok thank you for asking, Pickle is trying to put on weight since his operation so he gets lots of nice treats!

DEB said...

Now THERE'S something you don't see everyday!

"JeanneG" said...

Thankfully I have never seen one of these. I hear they are really mean. I bet with babies that adds some extra mean. I wouldn't even want to meet one in the light.

pencilportraits said...

Well apparantly Jeanne, the sows are much more dangerous than the boar especially when they have young as they are so protective, I did gear up for a quick change in direction!

Linzi said...

Scary looking things!! wouldn't fancy an encounter at all, my screams would probally attract them over and Liam and Clyde would run over wanting to play, totally not even listening to me!!! Brave Karie!! Good to see so many portraits to do!!!

Ps. I don't like most children either! So you are not alone!!!

Linzi x x x

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