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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Dog Paintings, Pepper St George

An update on Pepper St George's dog painting. Pepper, as he was less formally known is now beginning to take shape. I've added further softer pencil in the darker areas for shadows and shading and things have been moving along at a decent pace.

I've also made limited progress with Harry the golden retriever, at this moment in time there isn't much to show, just part of a closed eye and surrounding fur but I hope to get on a bit further tomorrow so will try to post an update later. I've also got another competition entry to post, plus I spent today adding all the entries so far to the competition web page so I have been quite busy.

It would also seem that I am probably booked up for Christmas, I took on another commission today but I do find it very difficult to judge how many I can manage as if my day job is a bit manic I do sometimes just feel like crawling into a corner when I get home instead of starting what really is my second job. I'm hoping there will be a gap before anyone else asks for a commission as by then I may have organised myself to have some time to spare. If I had done what I said I would and timed how long each portrait takes, in sizes and different mediums I think I may have had an idea! Then reality hit home and I suddenly realised I had undertaken a solo show in February so at some point I need to sort out my portraits so far and probably get some more done to display!!! Oh I wish there were more hours in a day!

Also today I have been trying to sort things out for Cyril the Squirrel, I have been in contact with the Squirrel info website and they have been such a help, first of all just helping with how to feed a baby squirrel and now they have put ime in contact with another 'squirrel rescuer' who lives nearby. This particular lady rescued an 8 week old squirrel who was found injured on a golf course. She is much more organised than I am and has an aviary for her's (called Shizzle) and I am going to meet her next weekend to see if Cyril can spend the winter with her squirrel outdoors in a secure aviary where he could learn to be a proper squirrel ready for release. It seems she is already half way to having a more wild squirrel in that he is living outside with very limited access to humans, whereas Cyril has constant contact with me, being in a large parrot cage and pouncing on my hands everytime I put food in, he just hangs from my arms and refuses to let go. Anyway, there could be more news next week on this, I am very attached to dear Cyril but this may be a helpful situation as he will be still visitable but also half way to learning how things should be, if Cyril bit me and was nasty things would be so much easier but I'm sure he sees me as part of his squirrel clan! I also found out that squirrel rescuers have a habit of naming their orphans and I found out another had been called Doris!

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Sally McLean said...

Pepper is coming along beautifully and I am so in love with Cyril!

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