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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Dog Portraits, Harry

Bit more progress to show on Harry's dog portrait. I've continued working on his face and have added the darker shades now to give a better colour as Harry was looking a little pale for a while. I will need to add more high and lowlights but that's the best bit when everything starts to look more realistic.
There are a couple of extra stages shown in the slideshow below so you can see how much difference the darker colours have made.

Anyway, Willow is beiing very annoying and obviously wants to go for a walk so I'm going to dig out my wellies and venture out into the grey dismal gloom. Yuk!

Also here is our photo from work, we had a big photo taken of all the people that worked there but no dogs were allowed, so us being devious little creatures managed to round up the photographer to take a little shot of some of the dogs who go to work every day. I would say there are probably another 8 - 10 dogs who turn up regularly but these 3 are very often together and all get along very well.

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Dors said...

Coming along great Karie-Ann This is going to look wonderful. a very detailed nose.. love watching your work come to life.

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