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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Dog Portraits, german shepherd

And so this one is now ready for framing. I'll blog a post of it in the frame but today I am off to meet a lady from Builth Wells who wants a portrait of her sister's horse. Unfortunately the horse has passed away and I have my fingers crossed the photos are clear enough to use!

Also, a little news from the bunny shed, poor Bob had a trip to the vets this week as I noticed his eye was running. It turns out Bob has lost some of his back molars at the top, this led to the lower ones rubbing against his jaw so he is now recovering from his little op to sort it all out. Hopefully the remaining teeth won't grow back too quickly otherwise he will have to have them removed entirely. Poor Bob, however, all is not lost as he is happily munching away on fresh carrot this morning and still has a healthy appetite so it's obviously not too much of a hinderence to him!

Thankfully today is reasonably dry in terms of the weather, so Bob and all his furry friends are destined for the green green grass of the rabbit pens!



Anonymous said...

Really like that sketch. Get well soon, Bob! said...

Thanks Roketman, I'll let Bob know you wish him well!

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

This is stunning Karie-Ann - such amazing detail and you have done a magnificent job on the coat!!! :)

Wendy Mould said...

Great Work. Also good luck to Bob, hopefully things will go well for him.

Lene said...

love the finish of the german shephard - great work! said...

Thanks Karen, Wendy and Lene. Good to hear from you all. Bob is cuurently sat out in the garden eating lots of grass and he does look a 'happy bunny' indeed!

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