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Monday, 25 October 2010

Rescue German Shepherd

This is Stan's first full day with us. We took Stan, Willow and Gypsy (also a rescue dog) to meet Willow's new friend called Zac. Zac the german shepherd has recently been rescued himself and was very shy last time we saw him although he did play a lot with Willow so we thought Stan may appreciate seeing another doggy face.
 Stan was very reserved but after about half an hour he soon got into the swing of things and decided to join in and I promptly fell over with Willow deciding to sit on top of me and defend me as hers.
A group photo of 3 of my furry babies!
This is Ellie with the big belly, she is usually very lonesome and potters around doing her own thing but she decided to join in, playing and stealing toys so she also had a good day.
And this is Zac, another rescue dog. He has been living the life of a tractor repair assistant for about a month and has setlled in too, he was terribly thin when we first met him but he has now filled out and is a very bouncy 1 year old. He was keen on Willow as she is very very playful and they raced around for ages.
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3 comments: said...

Thank you for sharing, beautiful dogs

Laure Ferlita said...

So glad to see this! Makes me happy as these guys want nothing but love....

MariasWatercolor said...

How wonderful of you to give these dogs a safe and happy home. I hope they give you many days of happiness in return for your caring.

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