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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Black labrador portrait from photo, Hector

I have started work on Hector's portrait, so far I have started work on his head. I am using an HB pencil for the mid tones and a 3B will be used to darken the more shaded areas, depending on how dark areas will need to be I am may use even softer pencils as work progresses. Just a quick update, plus I wanted to show the portrait in a more natural light, the previous image was taken under a day light bulb which did not produce the image I wanted!! I have made further progress down towards Hector's neck now. I will now revisit the head area adding more shading before moving on down his chest.A bit more of Hector is appearing!!!I am now working down Hector's body and have roughly drawn in the outline and marked up the grass which is in front of him so I do not shade over where it is. He is really starting to take shape, I'm really pleased with my progress and to be honest these images do not do him justice.Work is continuing unabated on Hector, I have managed to show the slightly wavy fur texture on his back, until doing this portrait I had though labs were completely smooth all over, however as his fur is a little longer on his back it does kink a little.Only one leg left to do!!! This probably would be finished by now if I hadn't spent yesterday building a pen and cleaning out a cage for my new rehomed rabbit!!! We called into a garden centre to buy gravel for my fish tank and came away with a tan rabbit (tan is a breed) who had to be rehomed as his previous owner, a little girl, had been given a horse so poor rabbit wasn't too popular anymore. He is very friendly so at some point he must have been fussed a lot but he does dig so I was constantly watching him to make sure he did not escape. I'll get photos of him later to post.Almost done, all I need to do is work on the grass area around Hector and the portrait will be finished.And here it is, the finished piece, I left Hector lying in a bed of grass and clover leaves, now I need to just frame him ready for collection.
James, Hector's owner left the following comment about his portrait
" it looks great!!"
Hector's portrait has been mounted with black and framed in a wooden frame and will be collected in person next weekend before zooming up north to Hector's home.

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OregonArtGuy said...

Hi Karie:
Hector is a very stately, dignified looking chap - well done. (and by the way - NO ONE has ever accused me of being talented:)

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