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Monday, 3 November 2008

Pet Portrait Family News

Lots of news but no pics yet, bit too wet, bit too muddy.


We have yet another addition to our wonderful 'zoo' after popping into Ross bird sale on Saturday where a lonely but really fluffy toulouse goose was sitting sadly in a pen on her own. We had to put in a commission bid (due to my nagging) as we also had to go to a tractor sale at Ledbury (how exciting is my life) and luckily won her. We had to collect on her on the way home and being totally unprepared she had to sit on my boyfriend's lap on the front seat, she did find me quite interesting, had a couple of nibbles at the dashboard and then sat very still and quiet for the rest of the journey (about 3 miles). We must have looked a bit odd with a huge goose sat looking out of the front window but not as bad as when we bought 3 from Hereford bird sale and had to carry them through the car park!!! She is currently deciding which gander is her new boyfriend and follows them all about in turn, a right harlot she is. At Ledbury we bought lots of electric fencing and now all 11 geese (yes 11) have a lovely green field to wander about in all day out of reach of Mr Fox. As soon as the weather gets better I'm off with the camera for a group pose!!! We have also managed to get a lorry load of straw to put a new layer in their shed (it's so big it was the outside of an old picnic site facility - more like a mini house really) so they will be all cuddly and couchy for Christmas.


Plus the bad news this week, don't post anything of any value by first class postage with proof. I'm so sad that the winning portrait of the lovely Charlie has gone missing. We have chased the post office and all they offer is a claim form and now another tube of portraits have gone missing, the original Mickey portraits have gone (the damaged one and a false start have gone awry). I'm distraught to say the least but Charlie obviously is a saviour in his owner's eyes and now the portrait has been lost (I will be doing another after Christmas if it doesn't turn up and it does seem to be lost in space) but poor Mickey's owners must be saddened as they no longer have Mickey with them and had wanted any reminder of their lovely spaniel as well. I'm so gutted for them all but nothing will be sent without recorded delivery at least from now on, the stress it's causing me is unbearable. I was so tormented trying to sort it out I was unable to finish my tiger portrait for the pet portrait forum competition as well!


On a lighter note, happy birthday to Kaitlin for tomorrow.


Kaitlin has asked for lots of pictures of my 'farm' for school!!! I find it funny she thinks we have a farm and I suppose it's more like a retirement home!! Kaitlin visits quite often and on her last visit she wandered about the rabbit pen picking them all up and giving them a fuss (which they of course loved!) but the previous time she came we had baby ducklings and told her Dad she had to have one (she got two kittens in compensation - and they are like little tigers). Anyway I've made more progress on Dibble and Fifi and as soon as the light is good tomorrow I'll take a shot for posting then I'll be making headway on Jess the dog.


We are now working at Tidenham near Chepstow, one of the further areas away from my house, we have already met Brynn and Lucky the springers, Lucky has three legs and is a rescue after being mistreated. Both dogs heard us shouting in the woods last week and decided to completely ignore their owner and go off the beaten path to pay us a visit, our team is more than a little dog friendly so they all get a fuss and they remembered this so had to pay us a visit plus today I met a very very large alsation/collie cross called Zac, he was huge and very alsation looking but as soft as could be. Another dog to add to my wish list!!! Luckily the Forestry Commission is dog friendly, I had my job appraisal today and had a dog sat on my lap for most of it (Basil) and another member of staff has got a rescue terrier from the same place my dog Gypsy came from so they could be kin!! And he is lovely and called Rufus. All I can say is dogs are more important than people!!!!

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