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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Amur Leopard by Wildlife Artist Karie-Ann Cooper

I've been hard at work on the leopard portrait, as you can see the whiskers are quite prominent now plus I've added lots of layers underneath the chin to give the impression of shape and shadow, I may need to add more shadows but until I work more on the shoulder area I'm not sure how dark it should be. As I've said before I work by seeing how one area or shape looks next to another, do they join, is it darker, does the fur go in the same direction, probably more how a builder would look at house plans! Not very flamboyant my technique but I find I know what I'm doing most of the time!
And at long last my pencils have arrived and I can continue with the lovely Patch see here for the last update of his pet portrait so he is back on the drawing board, I ran out of dove grey, which just happened to be the most used colour for Patch. It's surprising how quickly the pencils wear down, I always try to keep the points sharp for details and so this uses up them even quicker, I had though of buying another full set, but I've already noticed in all the use I give them, there are some colours I'll never use so it is better to buy them individually, but you can be sure they never wear down together so it's a regular thing now to order a few pencils at a time and then find I need another colour as well!!

As for Willow's puppy party I think I enjoyed it as much as she did, we had lots of free samples and lots of tips on how to train her plus all the puppies ran around together for an hour at the end, it was chaos but they all loved it, toys and puppies all over the place plus a few children who thought it was brilliant fun! Willow was a bit quiet when we got home and spent the evening asleep soundly in her basket, good news for everyone. Can't wait for the next!

We've also got 12 toulouse dewlap goose eggs in a nest waiting for one of the females to go broody, but it's not happening yet! I've rescued them several times as the chickens keep scratching the nest apart but I think my geese are not very maternal just yet but fingers crossed. We've had a bumper week for eggs, I think I've about 4 dozen chicken eggs and some duck eggs but now we've found the same muscovy duck who hatched 15 muscovy ducklings last year has managed to secret another nest full and has been looking after them for a few days so no doubt I'll have some duckling pics to show you again soon! It's all go! I've also got a nest of 14 old english pheasant fowl and a clutch of faveroll salmon eggs as well, I can see that yet again we'll be over run with chicks and ducklings and feathery things! Just wait until the pheasants start as well!
Anyway just to give you an idea, here are a few chicks we hatched last year with their mummy ever watchful...
Aren't they cute!

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angelandspot said...

You've got a sneeky Scovie too. :) I found a nest of about 30 eggs my girls had been sharing a nest and taking turns. I kept noticing that only 1 female would be out running around at a time but I couldn't figure out why they were never together anymore because they were always the best of friends. I found out yesterday when I finally found the nest and one female was leaving it while the other was getting ready to sit on it. I stole some of the eggs but let them keep a few. Some of them are in the incubator as I checked them by candling and they had ducklings growing inside and a few of them had started to rot so I threw them out. I already had 1 mother chicken hatch some chicks this year and have others thinking about it.

Carol Buck & Dottie Martz said...

Hi you have been awarded the passion for painting award, come by my blog and pick it up!

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