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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Cat Portrait, Elle

I've got back to Elle, I only managed a little bit last night before puppy training with Willow (who is absolutely fine after her rat poison episode) but due to the poor wet and windy weather now I'll be sat cosying up to the fire continuing with her portrait and starting on Patch's aswell.
And this is a little video from work, we are working in the Bark Rack area which is on the border with Wales and this place is a goldmine for deer. This group (and I was lucky to catch them) crossed in front of the truck twice before I got my camera ready. There were about 20 or more in the first group and then I think we saw another 3 or 4 groups, mainly does but I did see a lovely stag and have another video of him to post at another time. Look how fast they travel! The track is like an italian mountain road, chicanes and hairpin bends right down to the bottom and I think it must be over a mile down from the main road so the deer are on the whole very undisturbed by anything.

And also a little prezzie from my friend Linzi (she's just got a blog so please visit, it does make me chuckle) and this was for a portrait of her two stunning labs, Liam and Clyde, thanks Linzi!!!!

And so to the I love your blog award...
And I nominate the following blogs
1. Linzi's Patch as it really does have me in fits, and I think it's pretty
2. Oregon Art Guy, Bill's little anecdotes are so cheeky!
3. Emily Roe, I love her portraits
4. Musings from behind the easel because I want all the things on here
4. Animal and Pet Portraits by Collette Theriault because I love her wildlife art.
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Linzi said...

You got it then!!! Hope you weren't offended!!!! I'm really not saying your house is dirty!!!! x x x Just got a chance to get online since weekend grand opening! - im so sorry to hear about Willow. You must have been so worried you poor soul! So glad she is ok. Liam & Clyde managed to get hold of Johnny's sleeping tablets and scoff them as puppies, its the horriblist feeling in the world. (If thats a word!)
What a lovely thing the farmer is doing for the hens. I refuse to even buy battery hen anything from the shops now, like a lot of people after all the celeb chef rants, and it would be so much easier for him just to get them killed, good on him! And you for taking them! Thats made me smile today! Thanks for mentioning my blog! Thats really nice!!!! And sorry to be uncool but what happens with the blog award nonimanations? This so should have been an email!!!! Right not goi ng to clog up your comments any longer! Talk to you soon, mwwwppphhh x x x x

Kathleen Coy said...

So glad to hear that Willow is doing fine! Elle is looking wonderful, and I love that sign - SO true, lol!

Art with Liz said...

Hello Karie-Ann, I have just got back home and am catching up. I'm so glad Willow is alright - what a fright to find that he had eaten poison. I have been following your progress on Elle and the care and time you are putting into her is awesome. She is looking fantastic.

Wendy Mould said...

Hi Karie-Ann, I love your pencil work with animals. Elle is coming along very well, I am looking forward to seeing her finished.

Helena said...

Elle is gorgeous! I love the paws. I find paws so difficult to draw. Mine always turn out so flat and overworked.

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