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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Dog Portrait, Skye

I've now added a pale background to Skye and after approval from the client I just need to source the right coloured mount before the portrait can be sent off in time for the impending birthday.
I've not done any art today because of a huge tractor show at Malvern 3 counties showground. I was co-conspirator in buying wings and cowling for the Fordson now being done up on our drive. Unfortunately my other half is hopeless at haggling so I end up having to do all the hardwork for him, which I did and got a discount so I hope he appreciates it
This is a quick shot of the corner of the auction area at the grounds, click on it to see how many people were there, we've been many years now and I've never seen as many people there as there were today, it was impossible to walk around without being knocked about, we were trying to buy the wings and cowling second hand at the auction to keep the tractor parts original but the wings sold for £450 plus 15% VAT plus 5% buyers premium and the cowlings for £330 plus those same extras, I thought it was the credit crunch! The old tractors I followed fetched £11000 and £12800 plus again VAT and buyers premium, the £11000 is like the one sat on our drive bought for £550, unbelievable! We bought newly made wings and cowling which cost two thirds less than damaged older items!!!
And then there is my news for Willow, she managed to get into a box of rat poison and eat 2 blocks resulting in a rush late night and expensive call out to the vet's tonight. Luckily the brand of rat poison is so pathetically poor and couldn't kill a flea that she would need to eat the entire box for it to make any difference. Phew!!! I was so manic and upset, I already know I cannot manage without her, I've had to water her with copious amounts of salt water to make her sick which really is very unpleasant but I'm just so pleased she's ok. She is currently stretched out on the dog sofa with Gypsy snoring her head off so all is well.
And my other pet news is that we have located a farm near Monmouth which is selling all it's battery hens for new stock, usually they end up slaughtered and these hens are luckier than most in that they have some access to the outside world and now will be rehomed. We are off to collect as many as we can fit into crates and the boot of the car tomorrow to bring home to live the life of Riley in our garden. I've spoken to the farmer who is very very nice for not killing the chickens but also very nice to talk to and he is going to try to catch as many as he can for us before we get there, that will be such a help as even with our chicken experience, if a chook don't want catching she ain't gonna be caught!!! Once they get home they will need to have their wing feathers cut to stop them flying out of the open pen as we will need to keep them shut in for a few days until they realise this is home and go back to their correct pens each evening. It's odd to see but all day the chickens run about the lawns and orchard but as soon as dusk falls in they all go back to bed on their own, we simply have to go around shutting all the doors up, one minute they are all over the lawn and 5 minutes later they're all roosting in the correct bed. Wouldn't it be nice if children were so easy to train I hear all those parents say!!!
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Candace X. Moore said...

Karie-Ann, I am completely amazed by your art. Having done some graphite drawings, I appreciate the time it must take for you to complete a piece. Beautiful and convincing. You clearly have a deep connections with animals, which comes through in your work. Regards.

Kathleen Coy said...

Skye turned out beautiful, great job Karie!

I'm so glad Willow is ok, that must have scared you to death! I don't even want to imagine...

Marvin said...

Good to hear that Willow was not in any real danger from the rat poison. Sounds like getting the hens rehomed will be a full days job.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karie it was really nice to hear all your news and I am so pleased that your horse is ok now - rat poisen is a real problem, luckily my neighbour who is a tree surgeon with no pets puts the poisen down on his land. My cat is 19 so doesn't stray far from ours and our dog stays around her boundaries. Loved to hear about your chickens, we want some but at the present time there is avion bird flu problem at Bernard Matthews turkey farm, just a few yards away so we will wait and see what happens. Love the doggy portrait, am sure your client will be happy.

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