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Friday, 20 February 2009

Cat Portrait, Elle

A very bad piccy I'm afraid due to my camera situation, I've managed to charge up the kodak camera but it lasts about three shots so I don't even get time to turn off the flash!  I had hoped to have gotten a bit further with this but managed to catch a sickness bug including a bad headache so I couldn't look at the portrait until this evening.
I managed to get some fresh air today though, it was quite a nice day plus fresh air does me the world of good. I suffer terribly with travel sickness, by the time I get to the place we are working at for my day job, I'm sometimes a pale shade of green, as we travel there I find I cannot talk and need the window down but as soon as I get a good lung full of fresh air I feel so much better and it was the same case today, my headache was better after a while being outside. During the course of my rehabilitation I took some pics (only a few before those batteries went flat)
Of course the now ever popular Willow picture, she is turning out to be quite a poser now, those ears are little big though, I think they are satellite dishes!
And the action shot, Zac has finally relented and made friends with Willow, although he is a little reserved and not as mad as he is with Gypsy but as soon as rough and tumbles start he does join in.
And the tractor gets a lick of paint, Ronnie is hard at work restoring his latest toy!
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Kathleen Coy said...

First off, I love the new header picture - what a sweet little lamb in that wonderful forest!

Elle is looking good, and I adore Willow's ears! Sorry you have been under the weather, I too am recovering from a bug that included headaches...makes it very hard to paint!

Karie said...

I think the lamb was just a few hours old, we were working by a flock of sheep and there were two little ones in amongst them, they were so tiny. It seems like you were under the weather as well Kathleen, it just makes such a difference when you feel better doesn't it?!

Sheila said...

I hope your feeling better. I am lovin' that cat drawing. What a great color blue for that tractor!

Karie said...

The tractor MUST be the right colour Sheila, it costs a fortune to buy the proper paint but it just has to be right you know!!!!

Mandy said...

great blog

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I think the bug with headaches is going around! I too suffer from travel sickness and have to have the window down or air conditioner on. Love the portrait!

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