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Monday, 9 February 2009

Dog Portrait, Weimaraners Olivia and Nina

Work has contiuned with Olivia and Nina, the coat of a weimaraner is quite short and soft and so the pencil strokes had to be the same to look realistic, although you would expect a portrait of a shorter haired dog to take less time than a long haired dog, it's about the same as many many pencil strokes are used to create a fur like image.
Willow and I have had a busy few days, I've started to train her a bit more, she has now completely mastered sitting on command and never fails, she stays almost always, it's just when I make her stay for her food she does forget about 5% of the time so it's almost there and yesterday we started the down command, she's already understanding what it means and is nearly there with it so it just needs practice. We start puppy training with a class tonight so I'm hoping she's going to be pretty good but only time will tell. Willow also has a vet appointment this evening to identity chip her and check her over to see that everything is going ok, plus she's been at work in all the snow that is failing to melt yet, she has grown so much already she has almost outgrown her coat so today I bought her a new one which I must admit is probably a little bit too big, even when you say she'll grow into it! She will look a bit silly until she does get a bit bigger as it looks more like batman's cape where it's too long, I reckon she'll take off like the super hero himself!!!
We also managed to meet up with the harris hawk again just as she was off training, she's about 6 months old and has just began flying without her leash. I thought she was so lovely I made her my pic of the day as well. I think she will make a lovely portrait at some point too.


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Kathleen Coy said...

Looking good, and I LOVE the hawk!!!

Sheila said...

wow... the weimareiner's shiny coat would be such a challenge for me.

Emily Roe said...

This is looking great!

Francisco J. Hernández said...

Great works !!!. I like specially your work in progress !.
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