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Monday, 16 February 2009

Cat Portrait, Elle

A lot has happened to Elle since you last saw her, I am gradually working my way down her body now, it takes lots and lots of little short strokes to produce fur and this has been no quick job. I love Elle's paw out, she looks as though she wants to tap you on the hand. I expect a few seconds after her photo was taken she fell asleep dreaming of mice.
And so to the day job....
This is where we have been working, we have been around this area marking oak since the snow, it looked very different today in all the sunshine, I was actually in my t-shirt where it was quite warm, last week I had on thermal socks trying to keep them from going numb in the snow!
And this is Willow heading back to the truck for a well earned sleep. She was very good today until she was put in to rest, she only works part-time at the moment as she is still a puppy so has to have a sleep, instead she howled and yapped until she was let out. She starts proper puppy training tonight so I'll let you know how she gets on when I next update my blog.
Please also have a look at my picture of the day, this was Ronnie's Christmas present, a fordson tractor, mine was Willow, I expect most other people got mobile phones, necklaces, rings, all the normal things, not us!
Plus I received another blog award
which is wonderful, from the very talented Debbie Flood and please take the time to visit her blog, I love the horse and carriage watercolour painting she has on it, I am supposed to list 7 things I like but I have already done that and I have to stand by my choices plus I have to pass on this award to 7 peoples blogs I like, I've already done that too, however there were a few more I wanted to add to my list so I'm sort of cheating I suppose and want to pass the award to
I only added three so I don't feel too much as though I've abused the chance of adding extra blogs I like/love to my list!!!! Take 5 minutes to visit these blogs and you'll see why I enjoy them so much.

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Beth said...

Thats too funny...your Willow looks like my fiance's dog, Zuca. If you look on my website, it is portrait #17...THOSE EARS!!!!

Karie said...

Hi Beth,
I've looked at the portrait and yes it seems Zuca is the spit of Willow, and yes it is those ears, hopefully she'll grow into them though!!!! Poor Willow wasn't too blessed in the looks department but I'm hoping she'll improve with age!

Kathleen Coy said...

Thank you so much for the award, Karie! I am honored. And Elle is looking great - I just want to reach out and touch that paw... :-)

Art with Liz said...

Willow is just precious, those ears and all.

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