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Wednesday, 18 February 2009


It's all gone a bit pear shaped today, I have completed more on Elle's portrait but I cannot find the charger for my nikon slr so I thought I'd use my work camera just to give you a bit of an update but I've left it in the work's truck, I do have an old kodak camera but the batteries are flat on that as well and will take until the morning to fully charge up, alas I have no photos to show you of my portrait today, after all those sorry sad excuses, here are a couple of images which have been entered into my wildlife competition, don't forget you can win your image as an art print, all you have to do is email me your picture!
Puppy Training
Willow started puppy training on Monday and she was a little star, I've already taught her to sit, stay, lie down and come to her name so she was just brilliant at that, the only thing I hadn't already shown her was to walk on a lead simply because she is just never on a lead, this has put her about a bit and I think she views it as punishment! All of the other puppies in the class were border collies and they were all a bit manic, Willow just laid down on the floor and went to sleep, good job I was paying attention then wasn't it!?! I've now started to train her with a whistle as we travel huge distances over the course of a day at work, so I want her to be able to find me and come back if she ever does get a bit lost, she's very good though so far, she just follows me around from tree to tree but this may change as she gets older so I want to be able to stop her from wandering too far especially as we are in the middle of sheep, deer and very large boar! I've also discovered that even though she is going to look like a mean and nasty dog, she is in fact a bit of a coward, if she meets a dog she doesn't know she has a little bark and hides behind me, I was told at training to try to encourage her to meet and greet dogs but I actually think it would be better if she does remain a little aloof so she cannot be accused of something she hasn't done. She tried to play with a little terrier this afternoon, he growled at her so she hid behind me then went to sleep!
I'll be continuing with Elle's portrait tonight so will let you have another sneak preview of that tomorrow when my camera crisis is over!
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Kathleen Coy said...

Love the wood duck, and the water is great with the colors and reflections and movement. :-)

Black Rose said...

Your photography is beautiful and captivating!

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