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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Dog Portrait, Skye

I did say I would be all over the place!!! This is Skye, a lovely springer spaniel (my favourite dog even though I have just got a german shepherd!!!) and she is to be a birthday present for a client. Isn't she beautiful. I love spaniels, they are fluffy and cuddly looking but hard working dogs, no beater would be without one of these or a lab, they are one of the most hard working dogs and go out in all winds and weathers and stand up to any challenge. I had started to work out each area in full, I started with the right eye but then decided to work all the underlying areas first, I'm really pleased with how far I got in the time I worked and think I've got it all in the right places.
Also yet again it was a lovely day, all the rabbits and guinea pigs were out in their pens between 10am and 6pm, they had a lovely day and as usual here are a few shots of the garden, sorry to keep putting these in, I find them amazing, I love my life in the country and think maybe someone somewhere may be interested!
All three dogs decided it was fun to dig in our compost heap, so much for being green, they all ended up black instead.
And some of the muscovy ducklings and Mum felt it was warm enough for a sunbathe....
...and it's a good job Willow is duck and chicken friendly, she just gallops past them now as though they are just part of the scenery, just what I wanted, all she and Gypsy do is search each pen for the odd missed egg, luckily I get out there before they do so they get no extra treats!!!

And Willow and I decided we would walk to the bottom of the garden, this is inside the hedge by quite a bit so it gives you some idea of how good my eyesight should be to see the ducks and chickens at the bottom of the garden!!! Willow is actually strolling in the orchard about half way up the photo. She got bored waiting for me and decided to wander off on her own.
I'm not sure what I'll be up to art wise tomorrow, Sunday will be quite a busy day for visitors with 3 different sets turning up and our tesco delivery, we are far too lazy (read busy for that) to go shopping plus I have cleaned all the carpets downstairs so it should be upstairs and fishtank cleaning tomorrow, it could be a busy day I think!!!
Ooh and I forgot to mention I have akso drawn out Patch ready to start now aswell, I had already got the basic shape down but it's now more detailed so I did have a good day!
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Sheila said...

Wow! I love how you've started to render the shiny coat above his left eye. beautiful work. I also love seeing all your photos. What a fun life you live.

Art with Liz said...

It's so great to see the process and progress of your work. And I am so envious of you living in that environment, so please carry on with the pics and the stories.

Karie said...

Thanks Sheila, I do enjoy where I live, I'm very lucky to be able to have all these pets, the problem is I'm always tempted to get more, I'm quite taken by a donkey or pigmy goats at the moment!

Kathleen Coy said...

Look at you go, you are busy! This is going to be gorgeous, I haven't worked in colored pencil in a long time but I remember how much work went into it to get such richness and depth. Lovely!

And we used to have those ducks when I was growing up! Very unusual faces, those birds. Especially the drakes! I remember some of my friends being scared of them, lol.

Love the last photo, you live in such a beautiful place!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

A great start to what will be another beautiful portrait of yours!

Karie said...

Thanks Gail, spaniels are my favourite dogs so I love doing their portraits

Linzi said...

Love the pics and your pretty blog background! Your gardens massive mrs!! Get a donkey and a goat!!! Donkeys would be easier to keep in tho! Goats like to jump!!! hehe Brill eco mowing for the summer!

Your girls seem to love digging! Bless them! So much for cleaning the carpet! haha

Karie said...

I should never have cleaned the carpets, they look new so I've had to ban all the dogs, luckily they still have their own sofa but I feel sooooo guilty.

twincedar said...

This is really looking good!

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