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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Leopard by Wildlife Artist Karie-Ann Cooper

Leopard Wildlife Art

Almost on the home straight now, I've completed the yellow/golden fur of the shoulders but I expect I'll go back to add details as I see the need but all that remains really is the fur on the neck area. So pretty soon I'll be thinking about whether to go back to the leopard on the rocks or trying some more drafting film and I really cannot decide. The thing is I feel this leopard is just so much better standard wise than the one on the rocks that I just don't like it anymore. As everyone knows though, the longer you put something away for, the more difficult it is to restart it. Catch 22!!!
Anyway, as we trotted around our patch we found these little chicks and one had only just hatched. These are jungle fowl chicks and are the 'missing' link between chickens and pheasants, it seems many many moons ago during the course of evolution, these were the basis of chicken and pheasant fowl then depending on the habitiat, they evoloved with ever brighter colours for pheasants (mainly from Asia) or became chickens in most other areas. Anyway, they have now been moved to a more secure pen as the chicks are so small they can literally run through chicken wire and so are now in an old rabbit cage until they are a bit bigger, Mum went too of course to hatch the other eggs. Jungle fowl are quite a small fowl and I would imagine the chicken side of evolution came about with selective breeding to get bigger birds and eggs as they wouldn't make much of a meal (we don't eat them by the way!!)
And shock, horror, I really am not sure what sort of plant this is, I just like it, in a couple of days the blooms appeared and flowered and it's just lovely and sending an invitation to summer. If you know what it is, let me know, I am a dud when it comes to gardening!

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Sandra Palme said...

Yeah once I get bored with a piece that's it so I make sure I don't put anything in the drawer unless it's finished!

Lovely chicks, so cute...and the rhododendron is nice too. Took some nice photos of one myself the other day. :)

pencilportraits said...

I think you're right Sandra, I should have finished it!!!

Thea said...

Thanks for comments,you are patient with the pencil. good work

Kathleen Coy said...

You are so right about it being hard to finish a piece you've put away. *Blush* I have several of those right now that I'm telling myself I have to finish before I start something new, but there are so many new ideas for paintings floating around in my head, we'll see what happens, lol!

LOVE the little chicks, they are so cute!

Sheila said...

wow... I learn something new every time I come and visit..... I'm sure you'll let us see these chicks grow up?

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

The leopard is coming along so beautifully! Love the chicks! They are so darling!!

Mary Paquet said...

I love the leopard painting. The photo of the chicks is charming. Will you paint it?

Linda (Artwolf) said...

Beautiful Leopard, The fur is wonderful.Lindax

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