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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Amur Leopard by Wildlife Artist Karie-Ann Cooper

Thought I'd add a bit more of an update as this took ages... so long my arm is aching! It's about 20 layers of pencils, they're all stumps now!
It's been such a nice day, all of my rabbits and guinea pigs are outside playing on the grass having a glorious time. It was so warm I even put out their sun brollies (yes I know I'm mad but they do get burnt ears you know!)
So here is the latest tractor project, the 4th one in the last year
This one is in a bit of a state, it's actually dying I think, but Mr Tractor Magic will no doubt sort things out along with his trusty assistant...
...Gypsy who waits patiently at his side even in the pouring rain, she is absolutely obsessed with Ronnie with one exception and that is digging. Other than that she has to sit in the car, on the tractor, on his lap and sleeps on his clothes when she gets near the washing machine, it's true love. She was a recue dog and hated men when we first got her, she was so frightened of Ronnie she kept running away or cowering but time has sorted her out and she is now so loyal we can't even go to the shop without her!
And not forgetting Willow, she has now passed puppy training and has been elevated to the giddy heights of bronze good citizen training from the Kennel Club training scheme. I received a phone call from the dog trainer today to say her new class is earlier thankfully at 7pm instead of 9pm so it will be a great help with feeding all the animals at teatime! Look at those ears, don't they remind you of Batfink? (an English kiddies programme from many moons ago) The ball was her favourite toy until the squeak stopped squeaking! Off to the toy shop we go then!
And a few more pics from around the garden
This is the front side of our house, it's such a shame it's not stone all the way around, it would save so much painting! I was stood in our newly widened gate to take this shot!
And these are wood anenomies which are a little unusual but fill the local woodland every year, these are in clusters all down the side of the lane to our house. Down to the main road there are so many of them they look like a massive blanket, but I'm afraid it's about 2 miles to them and too far for my lazy bones to walk today. (it is my day off)

And now finally for those 7 blogs which I choose to receive this award
Hooray, at last I've got them down to 7, I think so many more deserve an award, I could give out 7000 I think! All I have to do now is notify them all which I will do so well done to you all!

Please visit here for a chance to win your wildlife image as a piece of art. Ends 30th April 2009
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5 comments: said...

I finally figured out how to leave you a message! Your art is gorgeous - and I love your house.

Laure Ferlita said...

Thanks, Karie-Ann, for the award and your leopard is really coming along - very well done!

twincedar said...

Love the update! Know what you mean about aching arm and colored pencils!

Linzi said...

Love the house! What a stunning place you live! x x Bet the area is as stunning as the forests in which you work!
Willow is getting really big!!! She looks like a wee teenager now!! Scary how big they get!!! Bit jealous by how devoted all your dogs are to you.
Mine really can't wait to get away from me and run away from home every chance they get!!!! Must start work on improving that soon.....
As ever, your leapord looks amazing. You know how you say the painting by numbers is how you work? How do you see the difference in the colours to start with? A rock just looks like a rock to me. Your attention to detail must be something else!!

Linzi x x x

Linzi x x x

pencilportraits said...

Hiya Linzi, Can't explain the colour thing, perhaps I'm more artistic than I thought as pencils are solid and you can only blend so far so it is guess work to get the colours right, but the shapes are definitely like painting by numbers, perhaps I should branch out in that direction instead!!! Our house is lovely, it's a bit too big, well far too big for us and we have fires which means cobwebs and soot so it is a never ending round of dusters! All of my dogs are my babies, I spoil them rotten, unfortunately they have to live with tractor repairs and rabbits and things but we have no fences and no one runs off so it can't be that bad!

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