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Monday, 20 April 2009

Leopard by Wildlife Artist Karie-Ann Cooper

Well this is where I've got to, I'm not sure whether I'm keen or whether it's just so much quicker working on drafting film but I think the leopard is appearing before my very eyes!!! I've really got stuck in yesterday, no guilt now that Patch is complete and now I know I will go back to the amur leopard on rocks when I've cleared my head of grey!!! Unfortunately my photo editing skills have let me down again, I took this image out in the glorious sunshine and as a result there is a sun reflection on the bottom right corner (yes I did say sun reflection) but I really don't care as it was such a lovely day.
Due to the sunny weather I let all the rabbits and guinea pigs out in their pens and here is a little video of Bob the rabbit and Treacle the guinea pig playing tug of war with a dandilion leaf! There were several more rounds but I didn't manage to film them all.

I've also added more photos to my Flickr account for you to see, these are a few of them
This is our acer tree, unfortunately some wally (Ronnie) planted it in front of the kitchen window, he keeps threatening to cut it down, but it's so odd but pretty I won't let him. Most trees start to green up in spring, this one starts out almost cerise pink, as the summer goes on it goes green, no one knows what it is, Ronnie's brother is a gardener and has a degree but even he is quite literally stumped on this one!
And one of the worst jobs is filling all of the water containers each day for the birds, here you can see the newest assistant on the block, alias Willow, who decided to steal the container instead of help out!!! We found it under a bush later.
And this is a pear tree in the middle of the goose pen, it is a local pear, called the Blakeney Pear Tree, in years gone by, Ronnie's parents planted all of the orchard with pear and apple trees for Bulmers the cider company, (they make my favourite drink of all, Strongbow!) they tended the trees throughout the year for the cider company plus market gardened 10 acres of land. The house next door, which is very small, was Ronnie's father's apple store, now a family live there!!! In past years when there was a bumper crop of pears Ronnie came home to find his geese had eaten them after they had fermented and they were all wobbling about a bit, bet they had a headache!!!
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Sheila said...

I love visiting the Karie family of humans and critters. You have such a wonderful life even though that pink tree does block your view, it sure brightens up that yard. I love Willow. Maybe she thought she WAS helping by taking a bucket making it one less to fill up?

pencilportraits said...

You may be right about Willow Sheila, she does like to get involved!!! She went to her first kennel club training bronze class tonight and did very well indeed.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Love how the leopard is coming! Trees are absolutely gorgeous! The pink one looks a lot like our Redbuds here. We have pear trees also-Bradford pears and they are lovely and white like yours!

pencilportraits said...

Hi Gail, I'm pretty sure the tree is an acer but it changes colour the wrong way! It's really eye-catching though, apart from where it is planted it really does make quite a spectacle.

twincedar said...

This is great and I love how your blog is looking!

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