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I am a part-time pet portrait and wildlife artist living in the deep dark forest between the Royal Forest of Dean, Herefordshire and the Welsh border. A beautiful and inspiring place to live and create pet portraits and wildlife art.
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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Leopard by Wildlife Artist Karie-Ann Cooper

Today has been just awful, I think I've had the worst headache I can ever remember, in fact I know I've never had a worse one, if it was a migraine I feel every sympathy for those who suffer them a lot, if it wasn't as bad as a migraine I just don't know how people cope with them. I got dressed for work and so on but my headache got increasingly worse and I was unable to even look out of the window. Unfortunately work was a no go today, I had to lie in a darkened room for a few hours until I could even stand up, hence a lack of progress on my portrait and this was where I had got to yesterday evening.
I must give credit to David Stribbling for his wonderful reference image I am using for my leopard.
Luckily by teatime I did feel better and this was the state of the rabbit pen, please note the umbrellas, they are to stop my little furry friends from getting too hot!
Plus of course, here is my Willow, she also had a day off work, I must say she is the best foot warmer on the planet, her fur is lovely to keep my toes nice and cosy!
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Sheila said...

ooo... please take of yourself. it does sound like you had a migraine. Maybe a little cold compress on your forehead to help constrict those throbbing vessels if there is a next timee? I bet those bunnies like to imagine their are on the beaches of Monaco with those umbrellas you have for them.

Leslie said...

Wow. Sure does sound like a migraine. I used to get them. They'd knock me flat for a day or two until I learned to take Excedrin Migraine the moment I sensed one coming on. I hope you're feeling better soon.

pencilportraits said...

I'm now convinced it was a migraine, I do feel better although still green around the gills but the head is almost back to normal, thanks. I'll be fully functional tomorrow I'm sure.

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Oh, so sorry about the awful headache! Hope you feel much better tomorrow. The piece is looking great.

Megha Chhatbar said...

Hey, Take care of yourself!! You are doing a gr8 job!

Sandra Palme said...

OH dear poor you! I suffer from migraines myself (pain getting worse until I throw up - are you allowed to say that on other people's blogs?!)so they're awful. I hope you're better today!
The leopard looks great, keep going.

pencilportraits said...

Thank you everyone, the headache is a distant memory and I'm back at the day job today, plenty of fresh air and walking uphill to help me get over it!!!

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