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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Amur Leopard by Wildlife Artist Karie-Ann Cooper

Well this is the basics of the rock work now completed on the amur leopard wildlife art piece. It still needs blending and shading and highlighting (!) but no more rock work will be added...phew! It was quite hard work to get this far even with the break of a few weeks but now I intend to complete this one very soon.

Today was the Small-holders show at Builth Wells showground. This is one of the further shows we travel to and from now until late September there is one almost every weekend, sometimes two to go to. This is one of my favourite shows as it houses lots of animals from pigmy goats to prize winning bulls, today's excitement came when a group of piglets left their mum to break in with another family through bars in the next pen. There was a chaotic scramble to reunite piglets and mum without a minor disaster being created and eventually the last little piggy did decide to go home! As usual there was a tractor auction and lots of vintage tractors and cars to see and due to it being a long day with far too many people to contend with, I left Willow in the care of Ronnie's Mum, bearing in mind she is almost deaf as a post, she said Willow whined all day until I got back, at least she didn't eat a whole bag of doggie biscuits to herself this time!

And news on Pickle the guinea pig, Pickle seems to have recovered his appetite a little and is now nibbling at his dry food aswell, plus he is now starting to take water himself from his water bottle so things are looking a bit better, he still has a whole two weeks of antibiotics to take so hopefully before long he will be back to his old self again. He has also started to squeak at me a little so that's a very good sign. Hopefully the weather will hold off tomorrow and they can all go out to play in their pens under their new sunshade/raincover umbrellas I bought today from wet and windy Builth Wells (see I can't go anywhere without thinking of my little ones back home!)

And also you can view my entry into an online art competition here and voting begins on the 21st May so when I finally find out how voting takes place I will give you more details.
Anyway, after a very busy week, I'm now off to catch up on all of my favourite blogs I like reading to see what everyone else has been up to!

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Heather Page said...

This is looking fantastic! I love the cat, but I especially LOVE the stone! Great job!

pencilportraits said...

Hi Heather, I'm so fed up with all the stone and rocks, I left this for a couple of weeks to clear my head but it's still too much for me! I'm glad I'm getting nearer the end of them now!

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Karie, ow, this piece is absolutely gorgeous.


SBL said...

This is absolutely great!!!

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Anonymous said...

The Leopard is looking fantastic Kari, you have worked so hard on it and that shows! Good to know that Pickle is doing better.

T and S said...

I just checked some of your work, WOW you are very good at this wildlife art. Thank you for sharing these online.

Thank you by the way for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog...Thomas

pencilportraits said...

Thanks all for the comments, things have moved on a little and I'm now beginning to like it a bit more, I'll post an udpate later!

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