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I am a part-time pet portrait and wildlife artist living in the deep dark forest between the Royal Forest of Dean, Herefordshire and the Welsh border. A beautiful and inspiring place to live and create pet portraits and wildlife art.
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Friday, 29 May 2009

pet portrait of spaniel

This was what I got up to this afternoon, I started a dog pet portrait (Bodie the spaniel from yesterday's post). After the leopard portrait on drafting film I thought I'd have a go at a pet portrait on it too as I liked it so much, anyway this is where I left it before the sunset and I have since carried on some more, which will be updated in a later post when the sun reappears to take another photo.
And due to my holiday I had to take Willow for a walk, and Zac and Gypsy came for company!

So this was puddle number one Willow found....

.... and puddle number 2

....and number 3!!!

Hence her rather bedraggled appearence when we got home! Gypsy was black instead of her usual white as well....

...and so after a good brush and wash, she did look a lot more presentable.

And finally some news on Pickle, after yet another vet trip today it would appear poor old Pickle has got a urine infection and his squeaks are in pain rather than him being on the point of death which is good news, he is now on pain-killers (did you know they do them for guinea pigs!?) and should start to feel even better in about a week's time.

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Dors said...

Your work is wonderful. I love the WIP's. Bodie is coming along great...Love the eye.

you inspire me so much.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Oh poor Pickle!!

Love your WIP's! Always great to see how others go about there work. The eye is so expressive.

Teresa said...

Enjoyed the walk in the woods! You've got a good start on Bodie... do you usually start with the eyes? Are you using Colourfix? I'm experimenting with different supports... just bought some Pastelbord but haven't tried it yet. Would love to get some Fisher 400... heard some good things about it.

pencilportraits said...

Hi Teresa, yes I usually do start with the eyes, they are the charactor of any portrait I think and if they are wrong the whole portrait is wrong. I do envy artists who work from one side of a painting to the other, it just shows they have confidence that nothing will go wrong and I'm not that brave. As for different supports, I'm afraid I do tend to stick with what I know and until recently just used heavy cartridge paper, mount board and pastel paper. I've also heard good things about Fisher 400 but it's quite expensive and I'm happy with what I use, obviousl if I need to try something I will but I think once you find something that suits you may as well stick with it.

Judy said...

Great eye Karie, eyes will make or break a good portrait!! Keep up the good work.

Kathleen Coy said...

I've never done colored pencil on drafting film, it looks very smooth. This is going to be another great portrait from you!

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