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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Zebras by Wildlife Artist Karie-Ann Cooper

My zebra painting now almost has one leg, I'm sure I'll be working on the nose area soon, otherwise this will look a very odd piece of wildlife art!!! Anyway I am beginning to like this a little more now as it does look a bit more real than at the start so that is one bit of good news!
And, just to update you on my day, we had an outing to Stockhill and East Harptree in Bristol and Mendips today and stopped at a hotel on the way for a safety meeting, up behind the hotel perched very precariously on a steep and rocky hill were these little goats! I have to say they are braver than I am, there were several coaches of school children abseiling and rock climbing the very same cliff but I think I'll leave it to the professionals myself...the goats!!!!
The was the chimney at East Harptree which was rebuilt in the 1970s but it had been in operation for 20 years in the 1800s. Typcial of birds, all the ravens and rooks had thought they could build nests in this chimney and the inside was building up with bits of twigs and nesting materials where all had tried and failed to block the top of it for their bird's eye view nest!!! The area was and still is very rich in ore and this chimney had tunnels attached to it, maybe five turning back on each other to transport the steam from the hearth where the ore was heated so that any metals in the steam would have chance to cool down before reaching the chimney and fall on the floor to be collected and reclaimed rather than being allowed to escape into the atmosphere.
Unfortunately due to our trip being so far away and travelling by coach I had to leave Willow at home, however she did manage to keep herself very busy indeed and ate a 1.5 kilo bag of doggie biscuits all to herself. She must be a bit clever as she reached them from a shelf on the wall in the kitchen without touching anything alse, what a naughty girl she is, and I'll bet she's got tummy ache!!!
Plus I have received the award above from Twincedars so I have to thank her very much indeed and I will ponder which 7 blogs I will pass this onto for a day and then update you asap.

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angelandspot said...

That is going to be so beautiful! I love Zebras!

A Palmer said...

Oh, poor Willow! That is a LOT of dog bones! Your zebra is coming along nicely. Looking forward to seeing the final.

Judy said...

love the zebra, it is coming along really nice. I also like your scenery photos.

Grahame Butler said...

Hi Karie, thanks for the comments on my Blog, your zebra is looking great, its tempting me to visit the Zoo and maybe try the coloured pencils again!look forward to seeing him completed.

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