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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Pet Portraits and Wildlife Art - not!!!

Well isn't life grand, now that we've had two days of sunshine in a row I'm starting to feel a little summer in my blood, however as we all know the great English weather is not very consistant and especially as it's a bank holiday tomorrow with most people having a day of work, the forecast says to expect rain again! Monday and Tuesday of last week were a bit of a wash out and we were working so far from the truck we got stuck out in the pouring rain for hours (day job) as a result we looked liked death on legs, all cold and soaking wet so after that I have decided to make the most of every minute of sunshine so that this year's wonderful summertime does not pass me by, hence the lack of updates, lack of art and much fun out in the great outdoors!

As you can see Willow appreciates the outdoors life aswell, she is no carpet dog and will happily stay outside in the rain rather than having to stay indoors! She's pretty good at football now, although she has punctured this ball (I treated her to a new one today) and will drop it at my feet every few paces so I can kick it and she can chase it, when other things distract me she simply lies by her ball until I get back to her, the problem is she can play for hours!

Anyway today was Abergavenny steam rally, a great day out and for the first time in 3 years it was a sunny day! Last year we even had to buy umbrellas and a pair of wellies! And for once, I remembered my camera so I've taken a few pics you may or may not find interesting. These cars are all Alvis cars, an old make unfortunately not around anymore, they were high prestige cars as you can probably tell and I love them, I really do have a bit of a thing about cars, more so than Ronnie, in fact a lot more! When I am rich and have ample spare cash I don't want a Rolls Royce or anything but I would give anything to own an MGA roadster. What a car! Unfortunatley I didn't get a photo of one today but I'm sure if I remember my camera to the next 20 shows lined up I'll get a photo to show you!!!

And as always there is a bird display, there were in fact two lots today, the man on this particular stand was brilliant, he brought every bird to me so I could take photos and he let me stroke them all

The bird above is a long eared eagle called Ellie, she is twelve years old and they still have her parents who are nearly forty! She was just a star, bit of a poser and took no notice of all the hands wanting to stroke her.
Apart from the cars, my other favourite section, lorries! Having spent 10 years working in haulage I am fascinated by them, sadly I know all the parts, how they work and just cannot get away from them!
But this one really caught my eye, it was an old scammel truck and it was hand painted, at first I thought the panels were transfers but it turned out they were all hand painted and each one was different, someone, somewhere spent a lot of time and money to restore it to this standard. The gold mounts around each painting looked to be hand carved and then painted as well.

And these are the old steam engines, used for every possible job and in every industry in years gone by, these are worth a fortune and although they run on coal and produce the blackest smoke I've ever seen, the engines are immaculate but the drivers are filthy grubby dirty where they polish their beloved engines all day long.
And so I'm now sat in my lovely flowering garden, we've started to put out the flowers so when completed I'll show you those, and I'm playing on my new laptop!

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Sheila said...

There are always birds at these shows!? I'm so envious. The only birds at our car shows are the pesky black birds with beady little yellow eyes trying to steal our sandwiches.

Love that horned owl with those huge feet. LOVE that truck with the painted panels! You can do that kind of work too!

PS... what are you feeding Willow? She's looking like she's gain another 10 pounds!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Wow, cool pictures. I don't know what I like more:) Love the owls.

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