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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Dog Pet Portraits



These two are my next couple of commissions, back to pet portraits, yippee!!!

After a lot of emails flying back and forth regarding Bodie's portrait which is for a surprise gift, this is the image that was finally chosen, the problem on this occasion was a little unusual in that there were too many very good photos to choose from and Bodie had posed in an array of positions and to be honest I could have used any of them, as for dear little Snoop, this photo was the clear winner, he was a bit of a poser as well but this one shone through so really this one was set in stone and the portrait is a special treat for Snoop's owner herself, go on treat yourself!

I've also done some work on the family portrait but today the sky was just so grey I couldn't get a good photo to post so you must all keep your fingers crossed for a ray of sunshine tomorrow so I can take a shot.
And talking of grey days, Willow and myself are on holiday from the day job this week so we have been wandering aimlessly about the woods all around the house, for the first time ever I remembered my camera but the weather was wet and windy and so any photos would have been a bit of a let down.

Latest update on Pickle:
After much investigating on the good old internet, I'm beginning to think that maybe poor little Pickle has a kidney stone, anyway I will be able to give you a more correct diagnosis after yet another vet visit tomorrow, I have found out that although normally dandelions should be given sparingly, if kidney stones are suspected they should be given freely to possibly move the stone on so guess what, Pickle is one happy little boy tonight after his feeding frenzy on lots and lots of dandelion leaves. Aside from that he has spent most of the afternoon running about the garden, he's a bit up and down but is now being spoilt with a full bowl of fresh veg and fruits every day, twice a day, I reckon I could have bought 2 dozen more guinea pigs with all the vets and food bills! Anyway as you can probably guess I would spend my last penny on my little furry friends!

Plus I've added my next portraits along the bottom for you to see, I have a few I'm awaiting images for (two more spaniels) plus two donations plus I have to find the zebra photo I'm working from so keep coming back to see what I'll be doing next. As those of you who follow my blog and visit me quite often, you will probably realise I am a bit of a flitting butterfly in that I just lurch from one portrait to the next at times so please be aware the reference images may not be in any particular order!

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Anonymous said...

Awww these two are so cute,look forward to seeing the portrait done. Best wishes to poor old Pickle....hope you and Willow have a nice week off too.

pencilportraits said...

Thanks Vic, hopefully the weather will be a bit more cheerful and a little less grey today!Feels very warm outside though so I think it will thunder soon, oh no!!!!

Sally McLean said...

What wonderful photographs to work from. I received two commission prospects today and their photos are terrible. I hope they can provide me with more so that I don't have to turn them away! Looking forward to seeing your progress these these doggies!!

pencilportraits said...

Yes for once Sally these were really good photos, wasn't it lucky to have two dogs who would pose happily for biscuits!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Glad to hear the update on Pickle!

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